The snow is falling in East Texas, and it's something many aren't used to in the area. If you have to leave the house, you want to make sure your car is prepped and ready to drive safely.

Randy Russell at Engine's Express in Tyler said there are a lot of myths surrounding how you should get your car ready.

"Don't go pour hot water on your windshield. It's going to crack your windshield," he said.

Instead, cover your car the night before with a towel. Take the towel off in the morning, and your windshield will be ice-free.

Another good idea, Russell said, is to leave your wiper blades up. That way, they won't be frozen on your windshields when you need them.

Here's something you might've heard: letting air out of your tires for better traction.

Don't do it.

"Don't mess with the tire pressure," Russell said. "It's going to make the sensors go off, then you'll have that going off on the dash."

If you don't have anywhere to go, play it safe and enjoy the snow day.