When Logan Burn's daughter returned home from school with visible bruises on her arm, he quickly demanded an explanation. Something he said he's still waiting for. Burns said her daughter obtained the bruises in class by a teacher. Since then, Burns and his wife filed a police report - pressing charges on the alleged teacher.

"This is something that shouldn't be tolerated," Burns said.

Burns said he and his wife had a meeting with the teacher who they're accusing of assaulting their daughter - and the principal. While they were expecting an apology, Burns felt they left the meeting more frustrated than before. He said nothing happened during the meeting and no one 'owned up to anything'. According to Burns, he said their family was informed to receive an apology and the teacher would be written up.

"I am dissatisfied with the meeting," Burns said. "I am not happy."

Burns said the superintendent's reaction to the ordeal didn't help the situation. Dr. Glenn Hambrick said he wouldn't know how Burns' daughter was bruised. After seeing the video footage of the incident numerous times, he said he wasn't convinced that the wound was intentional and the accusations are false.

"We support our teacher," Hambrick said in part. "If the bruises happened in that classroom then we are sorry about that."

Burns said it doesn't matter if the superintendent is backing up the accused teacher because the video "proves everything she [their daughter] said what happened. His daughter is still enrolled in the teacher's class, but Dr. Hambricik said there aren't any similar classes available she can be relocated to.

The only thing the Burns family and the Carthage school district can do is wait until the police investigation is complete. Burns isn't asking for the teacher to be fired, but he's looking for repercussions for their actions, along with an apology.