Jasabira Pope and his mom met the three men who saved his life over a month ago.

It happened Tuesday night at the beginning of the Henderson City Council meeting. At the meeting, firefighters Chris Jones, Jacob Edwards, and Henderson ISD trainer, Colby Barron were presented with a lifesaving award.

While they were being presented with plaques Pope and his mom walked up to meet them for the first time.

Laquittequa Jernigan was crying as she thanked the men for keeping her family together.

"Without y'all my baby wouldn't be here right now... It was a blessing to have each and every one of y'all there." Jernigan said.

While standing in a room full of happy but crying people, HISD trainer Colby Barron had his own little surprise to present.

It was a gift full of Clemson University football items, including a signed photo of the head coach. Pope says he is a major Clemson fan.

After the meeting, they came together again, talking about how things have been going, what everyone is up to, etc.

They found out Pope has a checkup on November 28. That's when he should find out if he might be able to play basketball after being told in October he would never be able to play.

Firefighters Jones and Edwards plan to be there to see him play.