Logan Burns and his wife felt as if their problem wasn't taken serious with the school district. This, after he reviewed security footage of what he described to be his daughter being 'yanked around'. Burns said his daughter came home from school one day with visible bruises.

"That's not good at all," Burns said. "That's not what a parent wants to see."

According to Burns, their daughter said a teacher caused the bruises. It's unknown why it happened, but the family has decided to file a police report [to the Carthage police] against the teacher. Burns said his daughter hasn't had the motivation to go to school since the incident.

CBS 19 reached out to Carthage Independent School District and the superintendent issued a statement, in part:
"...There is no indication that any abuse of a student occurred. It appeared to be a normal class routine."

Burns appeared to not be pleased with the statement and said "I don't understand what he even means by that."

As for his daughter, Burns said she's still in the teacher's class. He said he's not asking for the teacher's termination, but said there should be some kind of consequence for a teacher's behavior.

"That's up the them [Carthage ISD]," Burns said. "I don't know what they're going to do back but I expect them do something."

The Burns said they have expectation to meet with the accused teacher, according to them, to receive an apology. CBS 19 reached out the instructor, however, no one has responded.