KYTX - It's been a year since five Dallas Police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty. It still hits close to home for many who serve. To J.H. Burge a Tyler police officer, he said a death of any officer weighs heavy on his chest. He said being in law enforcement is a calling. Even when he's not wearing the badge, to him, it is still pinned on him.

"24 hours a days even days a week, I'm a Walmart and something happens, I gotta jump," 'Burges said. "It's a lifesyle, not really a job."

Since the shooting, the support to law enforcement hasn't stopped. East Texans raised money to purchase Tyler officers new vests. The White Oak High school student council did the same for their officers. Burges said joined law enforcement so he could help people and serve his community.

On the one year anniversary of the Dallas shooting, East Texans expressed their appreciation those in Blue.

"It's great to know the community is behind me and them [officers] as well," Burges said.

Whether it was a handshake or a meaningful written letter to them, East Texas, backs the blue.