The City of Kilgore is under fire for a controversial cemetery rule and some people to want it changed.

The rule restricts how grave site decorations can be placed in city cemeteries. This has resulted in flowers, benches and other additions being removed.

Dorothy Camp owns six plots at Danville Cemetery in Kilgore. She visits her loved ones often and many times, places flowers and other decorations to remember them.

"My problem is my decorations are not on the ground, they are on the headstone, but they want me to remove them," Camps says.

The City of Kilgore Cemetery Rules and Regulations, state nothing shall be placed on or near graves that will hinder mowing and upkeep activities.

This rule simply means you cannot place flowers or other decorations on the ground unless they are in permanently attached to the headstone.

This past February, CBS 19 lost Traffic Manager and Program Director Connie Jobe to a long battle with cancer. She is buried in Danville Cemetery.

Her husband says he is making a strong case to change this rule. Jobe paid 2,500 dollars for the plot and the city told him to remove his bench and other decorations. He believes this is wrong.

Camp also wants this rule to be changed, but says she does not regret burying her loved ones there.

"I would like to say that I appreciate what they are doing, the cemetery looks great but they have a couple little rules that are a little bit too much, for the relatives of the loved ones who are out here," Camp says.

We reached out to Kilgore city manager Josh Selleck, but he was unavailable. Also, the cemetery administrator declined to speak. As we learn more we will update you.