A child narrowly escaped serious injury Wednesday morning after a driverless SUV drove through the front doors of a Port Arthur convenience store.

At about 8 a.m. the driver pulled up, got out and entered the store followed shortly after by three of the four children in the car.

As seven-year-old Jayden Solomon, entered the store the SUV lurched forward and smashed through the glass front doors of the store according to Ida Winn, the children's grandmother.

One child was left in the backseat and jumped up front to stop the SUV from going further into the store Winn said.

In the store's surveillance video it appears that the child may have been struck by the car however the boy was not transported by ambulance from the scene.

The boy was being taken by his mother to the hospital to have his knee checked out following the incident according to Winn.

Winn says the normally happy kid was shocked after being struck by the car.

"Every time you see Jayden he has this beautiful smile, but he's not in that mode this morning, he's in a lot of pain," Winn said.

The family is not sure how the car shifted into gear but says Jayden's oldest brother 14-year-old Alfonso Solomon, Jr. jumped from the back seat to stop the car from going farther.

Winn says that's one of the few strokes of luck Jayden had this morning.

"If he was more over to the left this could've been actually serious. But like I said you know I just thank God that he's okay and that he was in the position he was in when he walked into the store," Winn said.

12News has contacted the City of Port Arthur's public information officer and she tells us they are not releasing any information about the crash.