Before Chris Tomlin was known as 'the most-sung artist anywhere', he was a person who was described to have raw talent. The road to: 19 Dove awards, two Billboard Music Awards and a Grammy- all started when was a student at Tyler Junior College back in 1991. Tomlin's teacher Jacque Shackelford expressed how happy she was to have someone like him in his class.

"I realized he had some kind of potential," Shackelford said.

The Grand Saline singer's legacy will live on at his alma mater. The junior college surprised him with his own lobby on campus. When one steps inside the Jean-Brown Theater, they'll walk into the Chris Tomlin lobby.

"Walking on campus this morning I was like 'wow, this is where it all started,'" Tomlin said. "These are the early days you know?"

Tomlin currently stays in Tennessee, but the TJC legend said East Texas will always be his home. Tomlin said he hopes young people will take the steps to achieve their goals and dreams. The singer expressed how his path to stardom wasn't a 'straight shot'.

"It's taking risk," Tomlin said. "It's not doing the conventional thing. Not doing what everyone else is doing."

Tomlin told CBS 19 he's working on new record and it's expected to release in 2018. He'll perform at the Green Acres Baptist church, October 27, as part of his "Good Good Father Tour".