Christmas celebrations generate a fair amount of trash.

And all that trash translates into a busy time for garbage collection at Tyler Solid Waste.

Items from under the tree, including wrapping paper and packaging, get kicked to the curb the day after the festivities finish.

“We let people know we may not focus on the yard waste (right after Christmas),” said Leroy Sparrow, with Tyler Solid Waste. “We are focusing on the trash. On Tuesday and Wednesday the trash will be heavy.”

But those items don't have to go to the landfill. Many of them instead can go to the recycling center.

“This time of year when we produce so much waste, it's important to be responsible with that waste and take it to the recycling center or use curbside recycling,” said Angela Cardoza, the Keep Tyler Beautiful community coordinator.

Christmas trees, real or fake, also can be recycled. Burned-out light bulbs have a place, too.

The center is open Monday through Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will be closed on Monday and Tuesday because of the Christmas holiday.


Real Christmas trees and wreaths made of real branches can be taken to drop-off locations at Golden Road Park - at the intersection of McDonald and Golden roads, and at Fun Forest Park - in the 900 block of North Glenwood Avenue from Tuesday to Jan. 21.

There will be signs inside the park designating the exact drop-off location.

All trees must be unflocked and free of ornaments, lights, garland and tinsel.

The trees are available for area fishermen to pick up and sink in nearby lakes to create fish habitats, according to the city. Small fish eat the aquatic insects that find a home in the tree branches. The fish also use the trees as a hiding place, creating improved fishing around the recycled trees.

Residents also can put their trees on the curb, but they will be taken to the landfill and not recycled.

Artificial trees that survived their last Christmas can be taken to the Tyler Recycling Center, 418 N. Bois D'Arc Ave., in downtown Tyler.

There is, however, a $5 fee to recycle them.


Frayed or burned out Christmas light strands are accepted at the Tyler Recycling Center. The recycling center takes anything with a cord. Old TVs, computer monitors, coffee pots and more are accepted.

Those items are only recycled if taken to the center. Ones put in the curbside trash go to the landfill.

There is a $5 disposal fee for microwaves, TVs, computer monitors, refrigerators AC units. The center also will take old furniture for a $5 fee.


All kinds of cardboard can be recycled. That includes shipping boxes, shoeboxes, gift boxes and more. Shiny cardboard textures are OK to go in the recycling bin along with tape. Gift bags can go in the recycling, as long as they are not clear.

Wrapping paper also can be processed, as long as it's not shiny. A normal amount of tape used to wrap is also acceptable.

Waxy is OK, but shiny textures are generally foil, which is not recyclable.

Bows are not recyclable.

The recycling center also can take other paper products, like Christmas cards and catalogs. Paper items also are accepted in the city's curbside recycling, but residents should be sure to remove bows.

At the recycling center, gift bags, cards and wrapping paper can be placed in the “newspaper” bin, which is at the front of the center.

Paper towels and tissue paper are not recyclable.


The holidays also come with lots of gathering, and in turn a lot of glass.

Glass is only accepted at the downtown recycling center. The center accepts clear, brown and green glass. It does not take blue.

The recycling center also takes glass used for packaging of food and beverage items. It does not accept ceramic, like what is used in dishes or ornaments. Those are made of a different type of glass.