With Chuck Berry's new album, one local musician says he can not only wait for it but inspires him to never stop making music.

Chuck Berry is the Father of Rock and Roll. He playing of the guitar created a rock revolution.

John Pollard, owner of Pollard's Sound World, has been in the music business for more than three decades."He was an innovator, he kind of brought Blues and Rock together," Pollard says.

His passion has led him to teach multiple instruments. His favorite to teach is the guitar.

Pollard considers Berry to have opened up the world to a new style of Rock and Roll. Also with Berry's dance style "The Duck Walk".

"He was like he brought everybody together plus put on a heck of a show," Pollard says. "That walk he does, that's awesome."

With Berry still making records at 90, Pollard looks at his future.

"I hope all the students I have taught over the years will remember that when they have problems in life, that they can turn to a guitar and it make life easier for them," Pollard says.

Chuck Berry's new album will come out next year and Pollard advises everyone to pick any instrument and have some fun.