LONGVIEW - While the city of Longview is in the works of repairing its sirens, they do not want residents to solely rely on them. Instead, they have a weather and emergency alert system residents could use.

The tornado that came through Longview left its mark with a significant amount of damage. Cars and houses smashed by trees and thousands were left without electricity for days. However, many were left wondering why they did not hear a siren in their area?

The city of Longview said the sirens have been updated, but they believe the majority of them were damaged during the storm. City spokesman Shawn Hara confirmed only eight of the sirens operated properly in one of their latest tests. While the city is looking to getting the other 12 operational again, it begs the question, 'what if another tornado were to come through before they're back up and running?' Hara said residents should take advantage of their alert system, Code Red.

"When the National Weather Service issues a warning for that area, it will automatically send you a notification," Hara said.

Hata said it can be a call-out or text message. He said think of Code Red as a 'fail-safe'. The city spokesman said Code Red sent about five thousand notifications when the storm in May passed by.

"It's a great to have one more way of being informed," Hara said.

Those who are interested in Code Red can click the link here. Registration is free.

The city of Longview said they are working diligently to getting its sirens repaired. They expect to do more testing.