WHITEHOUSE - With the holiday season getting ready to kick into high gear, we stopped into a small town get together to see what Thanksgiving fellowship means."

Anthony Johnson with the Whitehouse Ministerial Alliance said, "This is our third annual community Thanksgiving dinner. it's an opportunity for the citizens of Whitehouse to come together and enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal, just as a way to honor the citizens and bring people together in town."

The invitation goes out to the entire community, but each year we have chosen to honor specific group of people and this year we're honoring of those that are battling cancer or those of already won the battle with cancer.

Tonight we're going to turkey and gravy and stuffing, green beans.

Johnson went on to say, "You know there's so many things going on the world, where trying to divide our nation, our state, and our little communities. And our goal behind this is if we can come together as a community that we can show the world that no matter what your political views are, or no matter what denomination of church you are, that you can come together and enjoy time with one another and kind of heal our nation. And that's why these things are so important."

There's so much healing that needs to take place, and what better place to start then in the small towns of America.

I encourage people during this Christmas season, that we're really starting to roll into at the end of Thanksgiving, reach out to someone that you don't know that you don't know or to someone that you you've been estranged from, reach out and instead of continuing to be divided as a nation let's look for ways to come together."

"Let's look for ways where we can have victories personally with one another. So that we can heal his land that desperately needs it."

"There will be plenty of chances throughout East Texas to spend time with or helping your neighbors. Check with your local communities and churches to see what is available."