Community members packed inside the Plyler Center to sound off to Tyler ISD board members about potential change to the name of Robert E. Lee High School.

During the standing room only meeting, supporters of changing and keeping the name approached the microphone to make impassioned pleas to the Board.

“It’s never late to do the right thing,” one supporter of a name change said.

“If we change Robert E. Lee’s name, we have to change John Tyler’s name, and then have to change Tyler,” one supporter of keeping the name said.

In all, only 34 concerned community members we able to approach the microphone and speak.

Two online petitions are responsible for igniting the name change controversy that ultimately led to the demonstration of public concern on display during Monday’s meeting.

The name change was not included as an agenda item and The Board of Trustees did not indicate if a decision will be made about changing the school’s name.