With the holiday season among us, it’s a time to give thanks, and give back. The East Texas community is still giving back to one family who needs all the support they can get -- the Gomez-Orozco family.

Looking at recent family photos, you wouldn’t know they are all still grieving.

The women wearing the color pink, which actually represents an absence... the absence of a little girl who captured the hearts of so many.

Amanda Bray from Donna Cummings photography took the family photos. She also lives close to the Gomez-Orozco family.

"We offered the family a portrait session because we knew the whole family was going to be in town for the services," said Bray.

"When something like that happens, you just want to give to that family whatever you can give… and that was something that we could offer and that’s what we do, and our services and our talent so we just wanted to make that available to them," she said.

You can almost see their strength shine through in the pictures. A strength Amanda said comes from all of the support they’ve found during this time.

"I definitely think the community support is felt in every way," she said. "Financially, emotionally, they feel it."

Heaton Eye Associates is also trying to make life a little easier for the family. They are matching 100% of donations to Kayla’s family made to their Tyler office. All proceeds will go to the fund set up for the family.