Growing concerns for safety are building after Longview's twelfth homicide on Wednesday. Last year's yearly homicide count was 15.

"It makes me upset to hear about so many murders here, " Charles Morning says. "People's families are being torn apart."

Longview police have an interactive crime map that shows different types of crime throughout the city. The 2500 block of Eastman Rd. where Huntington Hills Apartments is located, has had more than 40 crimes in the past two years.

"We need more security here, and they need to keep out people that do not live here as well," Huntington Hills Apartment resident says. "Overall this is a peaceful neighborhood but there is still trouble."

South and West Longview have the most crimes, while North Longview has the least.

Longview Police are working diligently to prevent and reduce crime in the city.