LONGVIEW - The report of a creepy clown was made to the Longview police department around 10:30, September 29. The caller said the person lurking around on the intersection of Birdwell and Gilmer Road. However, like in several of the other cases across the country, when police arrived they found nothing.

What started out to be a funny joke isn't so funny anymore. Clowns out and about at night; frightening strangers- which isn't sitting well parents.

In other states, there have been reports of clowns: harassing people, chasing them and even trying to lure kids into the woods. In Texas, a clown was seen in Plano. In Houston there were anonymous clown social media profiles made threats to shoot up schools. Rochelle Hudson a parent finds these clown incidents concerning.

"This would make me drive my daughter to and from school," Hudson said. "That's very concerning, you never know when kids are joking around, or whoever did this or if they're serious."

Jeff Bednar works at an auto repair shop that is close to where the call was made about a clown sighting. Bednar said he understands when people are trying to be funny, but he believes some are taking it too far.

"You know you come up to me in a creepy clown suit the first six seconds I ain't responsible to what I might do to you," Bednar said.

The repair shop has cameras, CBS 19 had the chance to look at the surveillance footage to see if the clown could be found. The clown couldn't be found, however, the cameras only showed one angle of the street.

Even if it's just a prank, it's not to be taken lightly right now.