Worried green thumbs throughout East Texas have been complaining about the influx of crickets this year. Other than using hazardous pesticides, there are ways to keep them at bay.

Plant scientists say roses are on the top of the menu for crickets.

Rebekka Warnken works at New Orleans Nursery Gardens. She has a degree in farming and ranching from her home country of Germany.

"Organic gardening because they destroy their soil, when they put chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides on the plants on the soil, they destroy the microorganism in the soil," Warnken said.

She also tells us lightly spraying lavender and citronella oil on your plants are organic ways to keep crickets at bay. Placing too much mulch can create beds for crickets to lay their eggs, once their larvae hatch they will spread rapidly.Other ways are letting nature take its course.

"Birds, like chemicals, people spraying chemicals, pesticides to keep away the mosquitoes kind of keep the birds away," Warnken said.

Warnken stressed that using pesticides can be very dangerous for your plants and your health. Also that it's important to go organically.