'Fall back' and 'spring forward', something one has probably heard when it's time to adjust the clocks. How come? Dr. Steven Ball, an astronomy professor at LeTourneau University, said the purpose of daylight saving is to take advantage of the amount of daylight hours.

"That changes in the season because during the summer we got longer daylight hours and in the winter we have shorter daylight hours," Dr. Ball said.

Whether it's gaining an hour or losing one, it can have an effect on a person's sleep schedule. To Dr. Candice Dean, a local physician, the slight confusion shouldn't last long. According to Dr. Dean, people have a 'circadian rhythm', a wake and sleep cycle.

"Usually you can adjust," Dr. Dean said. "What I tell most of my patients is that it's important you keep good sleep hygiene and good sleep routine even through those changes."

CBS 19 asked the question on its Facebook page, 'is it time to end daylight saving time in Texas?' More than 200 believe it should. Even state representative Dan Flynn filed House Bill 2400 to get rid of the daylight saving in Texas. The bill hasn't reached the governor's desk.

Daylight Saving begins November 5.