The snow may be done, but the work for the City of Tyler Street Department is not.

Once severe winter weather hit East Texas Monday night, crews got to work on the roads, adding de-icing material to help make the roads safer for drivers the next day.

Crews are working through the weekend to clear the roads of the leftover material, but some drivers are experiencing damages to their vehicles they claim is from the de-icer.

So, what's exactly in the de-icer used by the City of Tyler?

Scott Taylor, Managing Director of Utilities and Public Works says it's the same material the city has used for years.

"It's a mixture of sand and slag, which is a metal that's a byproduct of one of Tyler's pipe manufacture. We use that material and grind that material up and blend it with the sand, it gives a better grip on the roads." said Taylor.

Taylor says, when it happens, you can make a claim with the City of Tyler's Risk Management group at (903) 531-1100.