Drivers in Tyler expressed concerns on social media after a deadly accident on Grande Boulevard over the weekend. This is the second death to happen on that stretch of road in less than two years.

The accident happened Sunday morning on the curve on Grande Boulevard between Old Jacksonville Highway and Hollytree Drive. Police identified the victim as 69-year-old Rodney Dean Kolac of Tyler.

A Facebook viewer named Jennifer wrote "So sad. that's a really bad strip of road. lots of accidents. there needs to be a barrier of some sort either on the side or down the middle."

The City of Tyler Traffic Engineer Peter Eng said while a barrier is not completely off the table, engineers must consider other factors.

"A barrier could prevent the crossover type accidents but also introduces other type of accidents because if you hit the barrier it will bounce off and could create secondary accidents in secondary locations," said Eng.

He also said city traffic engineers have found other ways to improve road conditions in that section of Grande Boulevard.

"About four months ago, the city went in there and textured the pavement to increase traction," said Eng.

The property manager at Grande Hill Estates told CBS19 since the road has been repaved, there has not been any damage to the property from accidents. Something that had been a problem in the past, like a car that ran through a fence and crashed into one of the buildings in March 2017.

While things appear to be better, another Facebook viewer named Yvonne still sees this road as a danger, writing, "I live in the apartments on this curve. It is very dangerous."

Louanna seems to think the same and commented, "I agree something needs to change on this strip of dangerous road. too many lives have been taken there!”

Eng said he will meet with colleagues to determine if anything else can be done to prevent future accidents on this stretch of road.