Disney/Pixar's latest movie 'coco' raked in $49 million dollars on Thanksgiving weekend, thus made into a box office success. The movie even out-performed super heroes. Justice League was released around the same time coco did and it's the second movie in America.

Coco is about a boy who found his way in the 'land of the dead' during the Mexican celebration of dia de los muertos, the day of the dead. The movie hit close to East Texans like Corrina Ruiz, who's mother is from Mexico. Ruiz said the movie educated her about a tradition she didn't participate in as much. In her eyes, she said 'coco' is an accurate depiction of Mexican culture.

"It meant that much," Ruiz said. "It brought meaning to understanding what we should be doing."

Movie and theater experts like Micah Gooding, who teaches it at Kilgore College, said it's an example of celebrating one's culture. He said a well made film will showcase one's values rather than their stereotypes.

"It opens the door for more discussion, more celebration of the things we have in common," Gooding said.

For Ruiz, watching 'coco' was a moment to reflect and appreciate her own Mexican heritage. She said it should remind people [culture] should be celebrated.