Distracted driving is not just a problem for adults. Children are vulnerable to the effects as well.

According to a new study by Zendrive busy roads near their schools can be dangerous.

The study says close to 88% of Americans use their cell phones while driving. Tyler police say when you look away from the road for one, two, even three seconds all of the sudden everything can stop in front of them.

Terry Blevins of Tyler says he will be walking and sometimes there's no sidewalk and cars won't slow down until they are almost too close. He also said sometimes they won't slow down or don’t even see him.

A former Tyler ISD student says near schools it's common for people to be distracted and not even stop when the school bus stops and has it's lights flashing.

On an interactive map parents can search and see their child's schools distracted driving score. The study focused on hard braking, fast acceleration, and cell phone use near schools.

Robert E. Lee high school has the lowest ranking out of the schools in Tyler. It also has five out of five schools highlighted. The highlighted phones show there is a lot of driving while using cell phones near this school.

At James S. Hogg middle school only 1 cell phone is highlighted. This shows the distracted driving that occurs near this school does not involve lots of cell phone use.