After four years, a stolen English Bulldog was given back to it's owner after a Police investigation involving a suspicious vehicle on Sunday evening on the 100 Block of South Access Road led to it's recovery.

When officers from the Longview Police Department responded to the call and arrived to the scene, the vehicle was gone.

However, police soon found the vehicle a short distance away in the parking lot of a local restaurant.

Officers found the man that was seen in the vehicle earlier, 33-year-old Cam Albert Robbins, of Union, Mississippi.

Police say Robins was walking to the vehicle unsteadily because he was intoxicated. He was arrested for Public Intoxication.

While an investigation was conducted, they discovered that the car was reported stolen on Saturday from Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Robbins was then given additional charges of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, a State Jail Felony, and taken to the Gregg County Jail.

Police also found a dog on the front seat of the stolen car.

The dog was then taken to the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center to be looked after until it could be determined who the dog belonged to.

Employees at the center figured out the dog was microchipped and learned that his name was Kane and his owner lived in Lone Star, Texas.

Officers were able to use social media, find the owner and reunite her with Kane.

The Longview Police Department encourages pet owners to microchip their pets. That extra step could mean the difference between getting your dog or cat back or losing them forever.