Longview Mayor Andy Mack said people have felt the effects of layoffs from oil rigs, for years. Dollar General will build its 17th distribution center at the North Business Park and Mayor Mack is excited.

"It's a big win for Longview, it's a huge under taking for our community," Mack said. "These are jobs with benefits."

A one million square foot facility will sit on 193 acres and employ 400 people at full capacity. Mack said it may not be the highest paying job, however, for someone who doesn't have a job - it's a 'dag-gum good job'.

The city says it's a seventy-million dollar capital investment from Dollar General. Longview's economic development corporation projected a seven hundred million economic impact within the next 25 years. Gregg County Judge, Bill Stoudt, said LEDCO reached out to him to see if something like having a distribution center could be made.

"It's very impactful when you invest that type of money into a community," Stoudt said. "This is a region of the state that's being discovered by a lot of people and a lot of companies."

Mayor Mack said a big part of getting Dollar General to come to Longview was tax abatements. To Mack, it was worth it when looking at the bigger picture. For what they're abating compared to what the city gets in return, Mack said he describes the investment as a win. It's the first step to invigorating a static economy.

The city told CBS 19 the construction of the center should start in early 2018.