LONGVIEW - Freddie and Deandra Allison were married for 15 years. A family holds on to the memories of their loved ones, and their neighbors are shocked. 'Benard' is has been living at the Huntington Hills for two years. He did not want to go in front of the camera but he told CBS 19 the past shootings and murders have given him doubts staying there.

"I thought this was a safe place and it's kind of concerning to me," Benard said.

Police said 21yearold Christopher Bell turned himself in after he allegedly shot the Allisons.

According to investigators, Bell said the married couple wouldn't let him inside their apartment to see his daughter. He barged his way in and shot the two. Then ran away.

CBS 19 attempted to talk to the apartment complex management to get their reaction about murders. However, they declined to get to say anything.

The Huntington Hills is not a gated area, but Benard said he wants to see security more often.

"You have children playing around here now," Benard said. "I don't want to see any children get harmed."

The resident said the apartment management should watch who comes and goes to the area.

The Allison's murder makes it the 11th and 12th of 2016. Longview set a record of 15 homicides in 2015.