Doug Jones' victory shocked many, especially considering it happened in a state that typically votes Republican.

It's the same state, President Donald Trump carried by 28 points in the November 2016 election. Jones attributed his unexpected win to those who actively encouraged others to go into the voting booth.

With the primary elections in East Texas coming up in March, some organizations said it applies here too.

It was a close call and definitely a senate race that left many jaws dropped. The Democratic senator-elect will soon hold a seat that was last occupied by U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions.

A tallied estimate according to the New York Times, showed that Jones barely defeated Roy Moore.

Jones won by one and a half percent.

It's a margin of just under twenty-one thousand votes. It was an election that really emphasized how every vote counts. Something Marylin Wills, the president of the 'League of Women Voters' said East Texans need to comprehend.

"We want people to understand your vote counts," Wills said. "We do voter guides so that people can read those and they can understand who the candidates are."

Wills said she believes in getting East Texans more involved in politics by getting to know who's on the ballot. It's a similar idea Karen Hones and 'Justice for our Neighbors' want for young people.

Jones said it's getting to those who are able to: register, show how important each and every vote can be and remind them-they have a voice too.

"They may be running for office someday at a local or national level," Jones said.

Whether it's a school board, city council or the U.S. Senate, the results of an election depend on getting enough votes. Those votes-can come from anyone.