It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in downtown Tyler. Design Committee member and long-time downtown volunteer. John O'Sullivan has been busy installing lights on several buildings.

"We've restored eight of the downtown buildings and we have lofts apartment in them. We're going to be re-decorating the outsides with Christmas lights. We did this one last year and the response was absolutely great, so we decided to add another 14,000 lights.

Right here is about 16,000 lights. Right now John is putting a steel cable in that we're going to be able to reuse year after year and has hooks on it every 6 inches.

My wife and my grandson over here are preparing the stringers that are going to be running up-and-down.

It'll probably take two full days and will have this building done then will turn the corner and start on our next building.

It shows up extremely well during the Christmas parade which is going to be on December 1st. Our grandkids enjoyed seeing the building and we got a whole lot of compliments, so we figured we'll do it again. We've got the lights and will expand to some of our other buildings.

I figure we'll flip the bill for a little bit and then will see if the city, and the county wants to join in and really light up downtown.

First year we put up just green and red, we're adding blue and yellow this year. Well we enjoy celebrating Christmas we like to share that Spirit with everybody in the downtown area."