Border security sparked a fiery discussion in Thursday’s official hearing of the Texas House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee at Tyler Junior College.

Legislators from across the state were present including representatives Matt Schaefer and Cole Hefner.

Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw said an unsecured border is to blame for the steady flow of drugs in Smith County and the increase in gang activity in the area.

McCraw told legislators from across the state that most methamphetamine circulating in East Texas, is made in Mexico and smuggled across the Texas border.

“They use factories now, we used to call them super labs and there’s a lot of super labs and factories,” said McCraw. “They’ve brought in Chinese chemists and used the alcohol molecule amphetamine, so it’s very clean and it’s never had the potency that it had before.”

He went on to say that drugs being smuggled across the border are getting stronger and more dangerous.

McCraw also said gang members recruit kids in East Texas to help them move and sell drugs.