TYLER, Texas - East Texans are looking for answers after a beloved local attraction, Skyvue Drive-In Theater in Tyler shut its doors for the last few months.

For years, locals have enjoyed the theater as a favorite pastime and many hope the local attraction will re-open its doors.

Leah Thompson, an East Texan who enjoyed visiting Skyvue says that the company "put online probably after the start of the fall that they were closing because it was going to be their slow period and that was it."

The company's Facebook page says that they are closing for the season and are working to move their theater to a different location.

Their post also said the company would post photos and updates about the move on their page.

Skyvue's manager, Robert Phillips, did not provide any details regarding the many questions raised by patrons of the theater.

However, Phillips did tell CBS 19 that his "intent is not to go anywhere else, but to stay in this vicinity."