The construction on Toll 49 in Smith County has resulted in quite a bit of loose gravel. Unfortunately for some drivers that used the roadway, that means a cracked windshield and hefty bills.

Weeks later, that is still a reality for some who were promised repairs.

The North East Texas Regional Mobility Association (NET RMA) took ownership immediately after the discovering the gravel.

"It was an anomaly," said NET RMA Executive Director Chris Miller. "[Workers] put out the rock, and then they weren't able to come in and sweep it as quickly as they wanted to."

Anyone with damage was directed to call a subcontractor.

Hughie Jackson is left with $1,700 in damages, and he hasn't had any of his phone calls returned. Now, he's feeling hopeless.

He has multiple dents and scuffs along his bumper, and several cracks in his windshield.

"They are responsible for it. It needs to be fixed. I'm tired of looking at it," Jackson said.

CBS19 asked Miller why repairs were taking so long and why multiple drivers were left in the dark. He could not answer that question, but he did urge drivers to reach out to NET RMA's customer service line.

"We're going to basically work with [drivers], and really aggressively pursue this with them, and help them work with our subcontractor," Miller said.

If you have any damage from driving Toll 49, call NET RMA at 903-630-7447.

Miller said to remain cautious while driving the toll road, because it is a construction zone.