People in East Texas have an opportunity to avoid the lines at the polls, just so they can vote. On a statewide level, there are seven constitutional amendments on the ballot. One in particular is Proposition Six.

Prop-six would give a tax break to spouses of police, firefighters and emergency workers who died in the line of duty. In Smith county, voters have a choice to support a $39 million dollar bond. The bond would have county roads widened or reconstructed. Smith County Commissioner, Cary Nix, said homeowners would see an $11 increase in taxes, per $100 thousand dollar valuation of your home. The roads have been described to have been built for agriculture at the time, not for residential purposes.

"More people coming and you have more demands on infrastructure. A lot of them want to live in the country," Nix said. "Growth is good but you got to be able to take care of the growth and service those needs."

Propositions one and two in the city of Arp would allow alcohol sales and increase sales tax by .50%. Mayor Terry Lowry said having alcohol sales are viewed a necessity, in regards to increasing revenue into the city. Sales tax there is 7.75%. An increase would make it 8.25% and Mayor Lowry said it [prop. 1 and 2] help pay and replace old water lines.

"We have old aphestus water lines that were put in the ground in '66 and they're beginning to deteriorate," Lowry said.

Now it's up to the voters to decide how they'll want the election to go. Early voting continues until November 3. Election day is November 7.