For people in Winnsboro, Sunday night changed their lives. A severe storm came through the town, causing their Mayor to issue a state of emergency.

This morning, people saw how devastating the storm was on parts of the town.

"I never want to remember Sunday night," Jeannie Busby says. "This storm destroyed part of our home."

Busby is the apartment manager and tenant at the Black Oak Apartments in Winnsboro. She and her husband had to brace for cover while the storm took the roof off the building.

She says she's thankful to the property owner for moving so quick to help her and fellow tenants.

"He has put a roof over our head last night and today he is helping us move our things into some other apartments on the property." Busby tells me.

Throughout the day people from across the area stopped by to lend a helping hand. One company even volunteered their workers to help repair the roof and help displaced families.

Harold Patterson volunteered to help a fellow church member. The storm caused two trees to fall on her home.

"It's the right thing to do," Patterson says. "It's about helping people try to get back to their normal lives."

Other volunteers tell me they would want someone to help them during their time in need and how we are a community.

Busby says seeing all the love shown towards her and her family is bringing her comfort during this time.

The National Weather Service has sent a team to confirm a tornado in the area. Due to the government shutdown, it could take days before the team makes a confirmation.

Still, no storm will stop the spirit of East Texans helping each other.