181 years ago, Texas celebrated it's independence from Mexico by forming it's own shot lived Republic.

A history that had some East Texans wondering whether the state would ever seek independence again.

Tyler Junior College student Casey Stewart said he is skeptical.

"I don't see it actually happening," Stewart said.

Dr. Jeffrey Owens, Professor of History, at Tyler Junior College agree but said that if any state would do it, it would be probably be Texas.

"I would say that Texas has more of a sense of independence than any other state in the union," Dr. Owens said.

After separating from Mexico and forming the Republic of Texas in 1836, Texas remained independent until 1845 when President John Tyler signed a bill annexing Texas into the U.S.

A move he says is unlikely to be reversed.

"I don't look at it happening in our lifetime," Dr. Owens said.