While most East Texans are likely to kick off their summer with pool parties and barbecue, some folks are celebrating in a different way. The City of Tyler is getting off to a spooky start with paranormal events this month, for ghost hunters and seekers alike.

During the month of June, Tyler's Public Library is hosting paranormal events in honor of their paranormal themed adult summer reading program. They're meant to encourage summer reading, while also having fun.

The first event began with an after hours ghost hunt at the library, led by local ghost hunter and Afterlife Research Team member Mike McCaskill and Jericho's Tours of Tyler guide George Jones.

"We've got everything from voices, disembodied voices talking to us, telling us to get out or asking who we are," Jones said.

Jones said he's had several encounters with the paranormal in his years as a guide for Jericho's tours of Tyler, ghost walk. In total, Jones said there's 26 spots in the city where restless spirits still roam.

"I do believe there are a couple of spirits still lingering around the jail. I think one of them in particular met his fate downtown on the square and I think he's still there and not a very happy camper."

Spirits that have allegedly made themselves known on occasion.

"Faces and full bodies standing there. People have been touched. I mean, you name it. It runs the gambit, it's pretty amazing."

An experience that McCaskill said people shouldn't shy away from.

"If you know you have a spirit in your house and you don't know what to do about it, then talk to them," McCaskill said, "It's that sense of one not feeling alone. Then there's that static charge in the air and then theres that sense of being watched for no reason at all."

Whether a person is a believer or not, McCaskill said it's a feeling that people need to experience for themselves.

"It seems that you can show them mounds of evidence, until in that moment, you feel it. It happens and then there's something in the room with you. There's no data that replaces that."

For more information about the library's paranormal events, visit the City of Tyler's website.

To learn more about Jericho's Tours of Tyler, ghost walk, visit the company's Facebook page.