It's been nearly a decade since a winter storm passed through East Texas and many played it safe, just in case snow starts to pile. East Texans like Cindy Smith made rounds to the grocery store to stock up on whatever she may need. To Smith, there's no reason to leave if the weather gets 'tricky'.

"[We're] making sure we have plenty of water, plenty of snacks for the kids," Smith said. "We can just bundle up and stay warm."

While food and water are a necessity, Kendle Burns was at a hardware store to make sure his home can withstand the freeze. Taking no chances, he purchased insulation foam for his pipes.

"Just trying to keep it from freezing," Burns said.

According to the website, Ready.Gov, it's best to have a list to check off and plan ahead of a winter storm. The website recommenced items such as: water, three days supply of food and a complete change of clothes.

Areas of East Texas are expected to experience freezing temperatures in the twenties and it could last until Thursday.