Millions are mourning the deaths of the Chapecoense soccer team. While on their way to a soccer final, their plane crashed.

Many East Texans felt the sting of the crash. Brazillian born Caio Goldinho, is a soccer player at the University of Tyler.

"It felt like someone in my family died," Goldinho says. "For those who are not soccer fans, you view this as a tradegy, but for soccer lovers this struck your heart."

Goldinho has been playing soccer for 15 years and says the sport has become a part of his life. UT at Tyler recruited him from Brazil.

"This is more than just a game, this is something I truly and to hear such news is devastating,"Goldinho says.

His teammates have sent him words of encouragement. "They tell me how sad they are about the crash, the best thing for us to do is pray for the victims," Goldinho says.