Some East Texans got the big screen experience of the debate at Regal Hollywood Theaters in Longview.

CBS 19's Andrea Martinez spoke with people saying they were just glad to see this debate was more about how each candidate plan to tackle the issues of our country. They also thought the moderator, Chris Wallace, had a lot of control this time around.

"Hillary was making really good points of how she was going to of plans she had and whenever it was Trump is her turn to talk it was kind of like he didn't talk about much he was just talking about how Hillary was so bad," Judah Armour said.

"I think that Trump is really getting his point across a lot more he's a business owner I'm a business owner I have to write paychecks he's written paychecks I don't think Hillary is ever written a paycheck before," Andi Mitchell said.

"Trump has been a lot more presidential then he has been in the past but he still the same person coming out with sly comments and things like that Hillary is smiley like always kind of almost seems fake in my opinion," Judah Mitchell said.

"I think they both have some interesting points Hillary had a lot of interesting points about immigration and her job and I really liked how she mentioned her experience for the past 30 years," Brittney Cane said.

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