After the recent shootings in San Antonio and around the country, many East Texans are in shock. Also, Multiple police agencies are reacting to the news.

"Anytime a fellow officer is hurt or killed it hits us hard," Longview Police Officer Kristie Brian says. "We serve the community.

Tyler Police are honoring the fallen heroes with a special black band on their badges. "We are saddened with the death of Detective Marconi and the other officers being shot," Tyler Police Officer Don Martin says. "We also have a special flag on our station's pole to remember them."

East Texas Blue is a special organization that brings awareness and support to police. Founder Nate Mobbs felt his heart sink when he heard the news.

"I am very thankful to the men and women in law enforcement who protect our lives,"Mobbs says. "It hurts when I hear of anything bad happening to them."

The organization is planning to buy protective vests for both Longview and Kilgore Police Departments. Mobbs tells us he hopes they will bring an extra level of protection to our heroes.