With the thought of a terror attack in Texas, many East Texans are concerned about the safety of voting. The FBI says polling places are attractive targets for terror attacks. Many East Texans were shocked about hearing this news.

"I think this is wrong and they are not going to stop me," East Texas voter Lynette Jeans says. "I live in the United States of America and I am going to go where I want to go."

Friday was the last day of early voting, Jeans tells us she voted early to get away from the crowds. Now since this possible terrorist attack report has come out, she is even more relieved to have voted.

"I feel like it's all like a big reality show," undecided voter Amanda Martinez says. "I don't know if it's just to make headlines, so you really don't know what to believe."

Martinez was already upset with the quality of the candidates. Now with this threat she plans on not voting.

"I just want to avoid those places and when I get home I'm going to tell my family not to go vote either," Martinez tells us.

Gregg County Elections Administrator Kathryn Nealy says she is prepared for any disruption in the voting process. .

"We don't want this to intimidate our voters," Nealy says. "We are going to make sure to take every precaution that we can."

Longview police tell us they will monitor any threats.