Love is in the air in Longview, as 30 couples came together to celebrate their marriages. First United Methodist Church in Longview has celebrated couples with 50 plus years of marriage for a long time.

"In the times that we are living in I think it is important for people to see this kind of commitment," Organizer Ellen Gordon says. "These folks have had good times and maybe difficult times and they have stayed together."

The luncheon had couples ranging from 50 years to 68 years of marriage. As the presidential election nears, who they are going to vote for was the biggest decision for them right now.

"Who we don't want to vote for, we are probably going to vote for Trump, just because I like him more than I like Hilary," Dr. George and Dot Legg says.

Others also had decided to vote for Donald Trump because of the Supreme Court decision.

The secret of marriage was an interesting topic for many of the couples. Commitment seemed to resonate among the everyone.

"What is the secret, its commitment to stay married, divorce has never been in our vocabulary," Dr. George says. "It was love at fist sight and I am not ever going to let her go."

Next year, organizers are looking forward to recognizing other couples who will hit the 50 year mark of marriage.