The East Texas Food Bank is expanding as a part of its 'More Space, More Meals' campaign.

"Through our 26 counties, we are currently serving over 22 million meals, our long-term goal is to get close to 40 million meals by 2025… this project will make that happen," said CEO Dennis Cullinane.

The $3 million dollar project has been in talks for over four years now, and after evaluating the need, the expansion made sense.

"We're doing a 10,000 square foot addition, which includes a nutritional kitchen, some office space, and then we're also doing five thousand feet of cold dock expansion, so a total of 15,000 feet." said Project Committee Chairman, Bryan Jacobe

The non-profit will not only be able to provide more space but will provide educational courses as well.

"There's going to be a nutrition education center with a demonstration and teaching kitchen, where we'll be able to teach people how to make a short budget last and how to cook for themselves," said Cullinane

As the East Texas food bank grows, it will be able to accomplish its overall goal to fight hunger and feed hope in East Texas.