The East Texas Food Bank in Tyler has been more busy than normal. It's the staging area for many of the donated food items across the country.

The food bank has been open 7 days a week, sometimes at strange hours, making sure food gets shipped out to where it's needed.

Well over 230,000 meals have been sent to Harvey Affected areas. Currently, they are focusing on Beaumont and other surrounding areas.

About 10 truckloads of meals have been sent to Beaumont, each truck holds about 35,000 meals.

The East Texas Food Bank has also purchased two truckloads of food to donate to the cause.

They are not only helping people near the coast, the Food Bank is also keeping up with their normal day-to-day operations, that includes meal boxes for senior citizens here in East Texas.

You can volunteer your time at the food bank, helping with sorting, packing, and stacking items to be sent out.