The East Texas Food Bank (ETFB) is helping with emergency food assistance to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. They are partnering with other Feeding Texas food banks and Feeding America.

ETFB Dennis Cullinane said it could take years to recover from the damage. He said both the Houston and Victoria food banks are closed, and the Victoria food bank is damaged.

"We're really letting the first responders do their work. Feed America has been in touch, he said. "We're just waiting for the call."

Cullinane expects evacuees to head to East Texas. They are waiting for water to recede before crews head down. He anticipates crews to go later this week.

They are also making sure to stay stocked for families here at home, too.

"We're not only going to be supporting the areas down in Harris County and Houston, but we also have to make sure that we have some substantial supplies so that the families that are evacuating up to the East Texas Food Bank area will be handled," he said.

The food bank is accepting monetary, food and cleaning material donations. Non-perishable food items like powdered milk, cereal, peanut butter and jelly will be accepted at the Tyler distribution center. Cleaning supplies include bleach and paper towels are also accepted.