Just days before Christmas day, Danna Mesinas, an East Texas girl died from complications from the flu.

Danna battled Jarcho Levins Syndrome causing her to have over two dozen surgeries.

She passed away just days before Christmas from complications from the flu.

Her death was unexpected and has been a tragedy for the Winnsborro community.

"We nearly lost her several times, but she always made it through, it's just impossible to believe we've lost her."

After learning of her passing, her classmates, teachers and counselors knew there was something they needed to do for her family who had already gone through so much, so they created a GoFundMe account.

"Within 24 hours, we had eight thousand dollars and today we have over 12 thousand dollars raised for this baby."

The family-like community is not only mourning the loss of Danna, but remembering her for her smile, 'Danna hugs' and care for others.