An East Texas hairstylist is using her talents and skills to give more than just a great cut and color.

Amanda Cooper is working with her clients and other local stylists to give back to those causes and people in need and is hoping not only to reach stylists across the country but causes across the world.

“I realized that there were a lot of hairdressers, there are over 673,000 in the United States, 1/15th of those being in the state of Texas. Then, I thought if all of the hairdressers had something they could donate to then we could make a big impact," said Amanda Cooper, hairdresser in Mount Pleasant

Her campaign is called, 'Cuts and colors for a cause'.

It starts with one cause each month that hairdressers can donate a portion of their income to on a designated day(s) during the month.

"It would give us a chance to have our own fundraiser within our booth or salon," said Cooper.

February's cause is helping a 2-year-old boy from Mount Vernon who was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a type of liver cancer.

"Now his NCL levels need to come up and his white cells, that's something he has had to do by himself. We want this chemo treatment to work, if it doesn't work we will go to Plan B, which we don’t want to talk about because it’s more of a liver transplant, and a transplant is more of a bigger risk," said Jose Alvarez, Bentley's dad.

"I cannot imagine what it feels like to be stuck, to be stuck somewhere having a regular job and a regular everyday life that you already have to fight through the nail to make it through and then to be thrown this," said Cooper.

Bentley's dad says he feels the love more than ever from his East Texas community.

But, Amanda hopes the campaign extends farther than just East Texas, or Texas in general, but the country.

"I hope that 'cuts and colors for a cause' has many more causes, and people get involved. I hope that it resonates more hairdressers and people in the beauty industry. Maybe it will strike a chord with someone, and more people can donate, and realize that there is strength in numbers and that there is so much beauty in unity.“

If you are a hairdresser or know of one that you think would like to participate they can find more information on the 'Cuts & Colors for a Cause' Facebook Page.