A Henderson man is desperately looking for his horses, which he says were stolen right from his pasture. As it turns out, this happens across the nation, more than you think.

In fact, reports show as many as 55,000 horses are stolen each year.

"I feel for people that have lost horses in the past now through theft. It’s horrible," he said.

He immediately took to Facebook... posting an urgent call for help to find his horses Gus and Tanner.

That post is making it’s way online, getting shared over 32,000 times as of Monday.

Tony is thankful for that attention online, saying Facebook has landed him two leads on the whereabouts of Gus and Tanner, both in Terrell, TX. However, Cadwell said, he can’t say the same for local law enforcement.

"Well the process is extremely slow. When you’re trying to locate your horses urgently and with your horses on the move and you don’t know where they are... and it takes days to get anything done.. multiple people that you have to talk to, explain the whole thing five times over.. with basically no result and little activity," said Cadwell.

But he said one organization -- has been helpful.

Pamela Miller with Stolen Horse International said they get several stolen horses reports from across the county each month.

"If we can get them out very quickly, we have a much better recovery efforts that occurs," she said.

They've already had 23 cases of stolen horses this month they are currently working on Tanner and Gus’ case.

"We want to get the info out so that it brings it to the attention of everybody," said Miller.

As for Tony… he plans to continue getting the word out.

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