When you throw something away your trash creates methane gas. This $5,000,000 plant will help convert that methane gas into renewable gas.

Pinehill Landfill in Longview is on the cutting edge of green energy technology.

Plant workers tell me the plant will generate more than 400 million cubic feet of renewable gas per year.

This will help lower the landfill's carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to support human activities.

Those greenhouse gases affect our environment. Officials say the gases this plant will help to stop, is like 19.8 million gallons of gasoline being reduced from our environment.

“As the landfill breaks down we get more airspace to put more waste into thus causing us to not have to put more landfills in the market area,” East Texas at Republic Services General Manager James Murphy says.

The plant is currently running and is helping to create jobs in East Texas.

This is the seventh gas to energy plant in Texas. The state now has more than Ohio, which has six plants.