Danielle Jones died at the age of 25, she was not only a CPS case worker, but also a teacher and volunteer with the Jesus Loves Little Children Ministry.

"It was May of 2015, May 30th we received the call that she had been in an accident, an ATV accident, and that was the day God called her home to live with Jesus, so she's in paradise now while we're still here carrying on God's work," said Faye Wardlaw, Danielle's mom.

Now, Danielle's mom is not only carrying on God's work, but Danielle's Legacy as well.

"The legacy that she left behind was just amazing, in March she taught the children about the blessing bag project, and just tell someone, 'I see you and I care for you' can make a difference. We started gathering the things for that, and the kids came to me and asked are we going to do Danielle's "love bags" - and I said - yes are. Then God showed me the things we need to continue," said Wardlaw.

Each bag is filled with necessary items including socks, gloves, a hat, food, water and a personalized letter.

The simple lesson behind the blessing bags is to spread kindness wherever you can.

"I hope it teaches other to look beyond that, like Danielle taught us, and a little kindness can go a long ways, I remember her telling the children, lives can be saved by us just being kind to one another," said Wardlaw.

If you'd like to donate to the "Blessing Bags" you can contact Faye Wardlaw.