GREGG COUNTY - All eyes were glued to TV's on election night. Voters were anticipating to see who's candidate would become President but someone had to lose.

More than 60 percent of the voters in Gregg county went towards Donald Trump. Nearly 30 percent were for Hillary Clinton. Marty Rhines is the Vice Chair of the Gregg County GOP and she said this year's election brought out a surprising number of people to vote.

"I have come across people who have never voted in their life," Rhines said.

The republican said people who in their 30s and 40s were voting. Despite Clinton losing the Presidential race. Mary Lou Tevebough the spokesperson for the Democratic Women of East Texas, sees a silver lining.

"We [democrats] gained some seats in the Texas legislature," Tevebough said.

What's to come in the next four years is what Tevebough worries about.

"What's gonna come to these people who've had a benefit of Obamacare?" Tevebough said.

Through out Trump's candidacy, the President-elect has said things that have offended people. However, Marty Rhines said Trump will unite the nation better than President Obama.

"I think it's been a division in the last eight years," Rhines said.

Mary Lou believes Trump could face obstacles to have unity. She said he has to in order to truly to be a President.

"People say things and do things they wouldn't normally do but he had to win," Rhines said.

In the end, Hillary Clinton asked the American people to give Trump a chance. Advice, Tevebough is already taking.

"Cause' she said we owe him the chance to lead," Tevebough said.

Both Tevebough and Rhines said politics doens't end with the Presidential election. They encourage East Texans to get involved locally.