Today, school districts around the country have backed allowing teachers to carry weapons following the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary, five years ago today.

Van ISD, Huntington ISD, and Carthage ISD are among those schools in East Texas who have a select few staff members that carry concealed weapons, through the 'Guardian Program'.

The program was put into place in 2014 in Carthage ISD, modeled after Van ISD's program, is now a model for other schools in East Texas.

“We’ve had a number of districts, I'd say up to 10, mostly in the East Texas area, who have come to us and visited with us about our program, how we put it in place and our procedures, and I think it was very helpful." Dr. Hambrick, Carthage ISD Superintendent

Staff members who want to be a "Guardian" have to go through rigorous training, pass a psychological evaluation and other requirements that will decide if they are mentally, physically and psychologically prepared to take on the responsibility.